30 Types of Furniture in Chinese | Key Vocabulary To Learn

Super Simple Guide to Furniture in Chinese

Welcome to our guide to furniture in Chinese.

furniture in Chinese

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Anyway back to the matter in hand… Let’s learn our first word, the most important one!

Furniture in Chinese 家具 jiā jù

Learning all these furniture in Chinese is a great way to impress your Chinese friends.

Go beyond the basics of a chair (椅子 yǐ zi) and table (桌子 zhuō zi) and become a lot more descriptive when talking about furniture in Chinese.

FurnitureChinese and Pinyin
table桌子 zhuō zi
chair椅子 yǐ zi
bed床 chuáng
couch/ sofa沙发 shā fā
armchair扶手椅 fú shǒu yǐ
bookcase书橱 shū chú
shelf书架 shū jià
shelves橱架 chú jià
wardrobe衣柜 yī guì
coat rack墙衣帽架 qiáng yī mào jià

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FurnitureChinese and Pinyin
coat stand衣帽架 yī mào jià
dresser五斗柜 wǔ dǒu guì
coffee table茶几 chá jī
mirror镜子 jìng zi
carpet地毯 dìtǎn
rug小地毯 xiǎo dìtǎn
fireplace壁炉 bì lú
candle蜡烛 là zhú
candlestick烛台 zhútái
drapes窗帘 chuāng lián

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FurnitureChinese and Pinyin
wallpaper墙纸 qiáng zhǐ
blinds百叶窗 bǎi yè chuāng
table lamp台灯 tái dēng
wall lamp灯 dēng
floor lamp落地灯 luò dì dēng
chandelier枝形吊灯zhī xíng diào dēng
leg (of chair)腿 tuǐ
armrest扶手fú shou
backrest 靠背 kào bèi
drawer抽屉 chōu tì

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FAQ’s – Furniture in Chinese

How do you say Furniture in Chinese?

Furniture in Chinese characters is 家具, it’s pronounced jiā jù.

How do you say Chair in Chinese?

A simple chair in Chinese is 椅子 yǐ zi.

However, you can get more descriptive by saying sofa 沙发 shā fā or armchair 扶手椅 fú shǒu yǐ

How do you say Table in Chinese?

A table in Chinese is 桌子 zhuō zi.

How do you say Bed in Chinese?

Bed in Chinese is bed 床 chuáng.

How do you say Carpet in Chinese?

Carpet in Chinese is 地毯 dìtǎn.

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