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Chinese Tutor Singapore

Accelerate your Chinese quickly with our custom 1-on-1 Chinese classes. All our teachers are certified Mandarin teachers with several years of teaching experience.

Whatever you wish to learn, we teach you! Chinese classes are taught in accordance to your individual wants and needs.

We work around your busy schedule to make the learning Chinese process fun and not stressful.

You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make with your Chinese, even whilst working full-time in Singapore.

The key is a structured, organised and efficient study plan and of course, a professional Chinese tutor to accompany you on the journey.

Chinese Tutor Singapore

Qualified: All our teachers are certified Mandarin teachers
Engaged: Our teachers make classes as enjoyable as can be
Personalisation: Classes are designed to focus on your needs

Value for Money

No hidden fees: The prices you see on our website are final
No transport surcharges within the circle line: It’s true!
Discounts: The more classes you buy the cheaper they become

Service Matters

Course Preparation Talk: Discover your Chinese level for free
Advice: Learn from the very best school around
Student Advisor: We’re here night and day to support you


Teachers: We can mix and match you with multiple teachers
Times: Study Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm, all the same price
Cancel: Cancel up to 30% of your classes at no extra cost

The LTL Quality Guarantee

Before commencing Chinese classes we have a course preparation talk with you to find out your level and how best we can serve you.

Based on this talk we can then match you with an appropriate tutor and create your customised study plan.

This might sound unimportant, but believe us when we say this is a crucial first step. Effective Chinese classes are not just a tutor turning up with a textbook. It does (and should) involve a concerted effort to prepare and put you on the right path.

It is this effort being the reason why we need students to commit to our school and we are unable to offer free trial classes

However, you can rest assured with our LTL Quality Guarantee. If you don’t agree that our teaching quality is “outstanding” after 3 hours of classes. Then you owe us no money at all and the classes you took are completely free.

Chinese Tutor in Singapore – Prices (in Singapore Dollars)

Private 1-on-1 Class, Certified Mandarin Teacher Singapore.

Class HoursPrice Per Hour
More than or equal to 12091
90 – 11995
60 -8998
30 – 59102
All prices are listed in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

All prices are in Singapore dollars and per person. There are no surcharges for weekend, morning or evening classes.

There are no teacher transport fees for Chinese classes taught anywhere within the yellow line. You’re always welcome to attend our weekly social events free of charge and will also have access to our free LTL Online Chinese study kit.

You will be following a regular study plan depending on work and personal schedules. Still, up to 30% of your lessons can be cancelled if we are notified six working hours of the class commencing. It is also possible to fix the duration of a class to anything between 1.5 hours (short lesson) and 6 hours (super intensive lesson). If you need even more flexibility, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are my Chinese classes in Singapore valid?

Purchases up to 100 hours will be valid for a full two years from the date of your invoice. If you buy more than 100 hours of individual classes together they will never expire.

How can I pay for my Chinese Tutor in Singapore?

We will send you an invoice with payment instructions for an international payment to our headquarters in Taipei.

What is the minimum duration of a Chinese class?

You will need to study a minimum of 1.5 hours per session.

Can I study on the weekends, mornings or evenings?

Yes of course! With our standard Chinese Individual program, you can study at any time from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm at no extra charge.

Are your Chinese teachers experienced?

LTL teachers are the heart and soul of our schools. LTL teachers hold Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language degree from the university and have a minimum of five years of teaching experience.

Which Chinese books and study materials does LTL use?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning Mandarin.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses when in the classroom. Some of our students are studying right in the deep end with full intensive classes, homestays and partaking in our immersion, multi-city programs. Others are looking for a more light-hearted approach to remain focused after a long working day. This is why we do not make our students follow a template curriculum, but individually design a study plan and choose a suitable textbook(s) for each student.

What Our Students Say

Christina Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

No matter how old you are, what your background is or reason to study Chinese... You are always welcome in the LTL family. I can highly recommend them!

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Tobias Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My lessons were perfectly adjusted to my level of Chinese. Her methods and way of teaching lead to a lot of improvement. She mixes discipline, persistence and humour.

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Niamh Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Overall it was great experience, I really enjoyed my classes. My Chinese improved so much in a short period of time. With LTL, you get out what you put in.

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