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Survival Chinese in Singapore (Online & Offline)

Looking for a basic Mandarin course in Singapore for some survival Chinese?

Our survival Chinese Courses are the perfect solution for getting a quick and heavy dose of concentrated Chinese, designed to help with your upcoming trip to China.

Survival Chinese is an introductory Mandarin course based in Singapore that allows you to step off the plane in China with the confidence to be understood in some of the most common everyday situations.

There’s no better place than Singapore to get started with a survival Chinese course, for a few reasons. English is spoken around Singapore, so you have the safety net of being able to converse with locals in two languages.

Secondly, Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in Singapore!

Survival Chinese

Approximately 35% of Singapore’s inhabitants are native Mandarin speakers, and there is an additional 12% speaking other Chinese dialects such as Hokkien-Taiwanese, Hainanese, Cantonese, Hakka, Fuzhou dialect, Pu-Xian Min and Shanghainese.

Singaporeans appreciate foreigners trying to communicate in their native language. You can get real-world experience in a Survival Chinese course without fear of judgment by locals.

Our Survival Chinese courses are customised to suit your learning needs, style and time restrictions.

Tailored to you

Individual: Lessons based on your level and learning speed
Course Preparation Talk: Together we create the perfect course
No one size fits all: Textbooks, topics & materials for you
Speed: Learn at your own pace and needs


Flexible locations: Learn Mandarin anywhere in Singapore
Flexible times: Lessons can be 7 days a week 8am – 9pm
Cancellation: Cancel up to 30% of your classes at no extra cost
For you: Courses can fit around the busiest work schedule

Our Teachers

LTL Teachers: Professional, certified, qualified – and fun!
Speak: Our teachers get your mouth moving early on
Fun: Games, jokes, stories and more to make learning interesting
Experienced: LTL teachers have at least five years of experience

Our School

Great location: We’re located in the heart of Singapore
Support: LTL staff in Singapore are available 24/7
History: We’ve been helping students learn mandarin since 2007
Pass rate: 95% of our HSK students go onto pass

Survival Chinese Course – Prices

Class HoursPrice Per Hour
More than or equal to 12091
90 – 11995
60 -8998
30 – 59102
All prices are listed in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Our survival Chinese courses can last up to 12 weeks long.

You can decide whether you take the classes online or offline.

A 12-week course would be a lot more comprehensive and include more foundational Chinese.

If time is against you and you need to know a lot in a short period, don’t worry!

Your survival Chinese will then involve a compact sprint-based curriculum, designed to make sure you’re able to communicate in the most everyday situations.

Online/Offline Delivery

Both online and offline delivery programs are designed for students coming to Singapore to study Mandarin. All students have full access to the LTL social community, support, and events in Singapore.

Singapore is expensive! With online delivery courses, you get great classes in Singapore, without paying Singapore prices.

Online Survival Chinese

Coming to Singapore, Taiwan or China? Why not get ahead and take all or part of your survival Chinese classes online?

That’s right! You can blend your classes offline and online.

Whatever your situation we’re able to cater a course to you in-person, thought you mobile or computer. The quality of your lessons never change. Don’t believe us? Listen to what some of our online students have been saying?

Survival Course FAQ’s

Which Chinese books and study materials do you use?

With Chinese, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Before you get started, we assess your current level, needs and availability to create a course that’s just right for you.

For this reason, we don’t have a ‘standard’ curriculum for our survival Chinese courses.

To find out more about the personalised curriculum, we’ll make for you contact us and book in a FREE assessment.

Do you teach Chinese Characters?

Yes! Survival Chinese classes do focus more on spoken Chinese; however, there are some unavoidable situations where characters are needed in China.

Can I study survival Chinese with a friend?

Yes, of course!

Bring a friend, and each of you will receive a 20% discount on Survival Chinese course fees.

How long should I take a survival Chinese course?

A Survival Chinese course can be as short as one week. However, for a comprehensive approach that will have you being able to communicate and comprehend the everyday situation in China, we would recommend no less than four weeks of study.

What is the minimum duration of Chinese classes?

Lessons inside our school can be as short as one hour. Outside our school, we have a minimum of 1.5 hours classes. Our teachers can travel to you for FREE inside the circle line.

Can I also study Chinese online with LTL before?


We’ve been particularly active online in the last few years.

Check out our Flexi Class website for 24/7 Chinese courses online.

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