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Why Singapore?

When looking for travel destinations in Asia you may ask yourself why visit Singapore?

Anyone who has walked the streets of Singapore will tell you why Singapore is a jaw-dropping city. It’s modern, beautiful, clean and safe.

It’s so advanced the UN has ranked it 9th on their human development index.

One thing that will strike you in your research on why visit Singapore is the mere size of Singapore.

Go check it out on Google Maps now!

Singapore City
Singapore City

How many Singapore’s do you think could fit in China? Answer is a little over one hundred and forty thousand!

Did you know driving from one side of the island to the other takes no more than one hour! Singapore is so tiny that they’ve grown the country in size by 25% not by invading their neighbours but reclaiming land from the ocean.

How can such a tiny nation sustain itself?

Singapore has positioned itself as the regional hub for wealth management. Their major exports are electronics and chemicals. Additionally, tourism is a huge revenue generator for Singapore with a recoded 17.4 million tourists visiting in 2017.

That’s 3 times bigger than their own population of 5.6 million Singaporeans!

Additionally, with an attractive low tax rate and being ranked the most open economy in the world, many large companies have set up their Asian headquarters in Singapore. So, when business are considering expanding into Asia the questions isn’t why Singapore?

It’s why not Singapore?

With such a thriving economy Singapore is able to purchase the natural resources and raw goods from other countries to sustain itself.

Singapore has the fastest internet speed in the entire world

We’re not exaggerating! It’s ranked number 1 ahead of Hong Kong, Iceland and South Korea. As you can appreciate Singapore isn’t producing much in terms of physical products so great wealth is created from their citizen’s minds.

Singapore hosts the headquarters of a lot of big tech companies. Big tech companies are bringing huge amounts of data with them. Thus, Singapore has created an infrastructure to support these tech giants.

For those digital nomads out there wondering why visit Singapore you should definitely consider Singapore for their high-speed internet.

Don’t work much online? That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy what is guaranteed to be a superior internet connection on your laptop to compared to back home!

Feeling Entrepreneurial?

In 2014 The Economist referred to Singapore as ‘the world’s most tightly packed entrepreneurial ecosystem’. They’re not wrong!

Singapore hosts weekly events for people from all backgrounds for areas such as entrepreneurship, start-ups, finance, technology, crypto photography, arts and much more.

Check out to check out upcoming events in Singapore.

Many entrepreneurs can tell you why Singapore should be your number one choice for setting up a business. For networking, internet speed, regulations and just how beautiful of a city it is. This should be a strong consideration on why visit Singapore.

Singapore – The City From The Future

Being such a tiny country Singapore has had some unique problems that they’ve solved in innovative ways that have helped transform Singapore into one of the most efficient and modern cities in the worlds

How do they keep Singapore so clean?

There is literally no room for landfill. The Singaporeans burn their trash in facilities designed to emit zero air toxins and dispose of the physical waste in contained manmade lake.

We’ll let this video explain better.

Similarly, this small nation cannot afford to deal with the effects of too many vehicles clogging up its roads and emitting deadly amounts of CO2.

So what did they do?

Two things actually. Firstly, they’ve made owning a car incredibly expensive. If you can afford to drive in Singapore, you’ll want to do it in style! Luxury cars are quite common on the streets of Singapore.

Any car enthusiasts out there wondering why visit Singapore? Spend 10 minutes on Orchard Road and count how many BMWs, Mercedes, Rolls Royces and Ferraris and drive by!

The second thing the government has done to curb its air pollution is to create one of the worlds most advanced public transport systems. There are trains and buses coming and going every 5 – 10 minutes at all stops all over the island. Better yet the government has subsidised it to make it an incredibly cheap option for getting around the island.

Still need a taxi to get where you’re going?

They’ve subsidised that as well! Meaning a taxi around the city will never cost more than $25. Current fare price of a taxi in Singapore is $3SG to enter a taxi and $0.22 for every 400 meters.

Come for the history

Any history buffs out there wondering why visit Singapore?

Here’s an insultingly brief history of the nation to inspire you to come and learn more.

Modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles as a trading post for the British East India Company.

However, its actual history dates back a millennium.

Before British colonisation, the earliest records of Singapore date back to the third century from China, describing the island of Pú Luō Chūng (蒲 羅 中). It was later known as a trading port in the 14th century under Indian influence and experience. In the centuries that past there was Portuguese and Dutch control of the region before being completely overtaken by British control in 1824.

Before the 18th century, there were only about a thousand people living on the island, mostly indigenous Malays along with a handful of Chinese. By 1860 the population had grown to 80,000, the majority being Chinese.

Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965.

China Town Singapore
China Town Singapore

This unique history is why Singapore offers a rich cultural experience. You can see much of the influence of Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and English in the people, food, architecture and language. This is why Singapore in part has been chosen to be our next School location. You will find plenty of Mandarin still spoken and written on the streets of Singapore giving you the opportunity to Live the Language.

Why LTL Singapore?

OK, so you’re sold on Singapore, but why should you come to LTL to study Mandarin? Here’s some reasons for you…