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Learn Mandarin online with an Online Chinese Tutor all from the comfort of your own home.

You might think you need to be in the classroom to learn, we are proving that wrong, one satisfied student at a time.

Taught by some of the best Chinese tutors China has to offer, our Flexi Classes platform allows you to purchase either a rolling subscription or one-off packages.

Experienced Teachers

Qualified – All LTL teachers are certified Mandarin teachers
Professional – All classes are well organised & prepared
Fun – Our teachers know enjoyment is key to learning
Experienced – Our teachers have year of experience

24/7 Support

Unique – We designed Flexi Classes from scratch
Tech Enabled – Whiteboards, chat and recordings
Materials – Download class content before the class begins

Established School

Established – We ranked as one of the best Mandarin Schools
In The Know – Thousands of students have achieved their goals
Size – We have schools in 8 cities as well as our online courses
Reviews – We’ve got a load of amazing 5 star reviews online

Value For Money

Well PricedCompetitive prices for the best teachers
Options Choose a subscription or one off purchase
Value – The more you buy the bigger the discounts


It’s never been easier to find the very best online Chinese tutor thanks to Flexi Classes.

No need to deal with awkward time zones, difficult scheduling issues and fixed lessons.

You can now learn Chinese whenever you want, wherever you want.

All class material has been handwritten from scratch by the LTL team and is available to download before the lesson starts.

Let’s take a deeper look into our two programs in more detail.


You can sign up to a rolling monthly subscription with Flexi Classes where you choose how many classes you wish to study in a month.

You can book those classes whenever you like and have the flexibility to cancel and re-book also.

After four weeks, you will automatically be credited with a new set of classes.


Our one-off packages allow you to purchase a set of classes in bulk, rather than signing up to a rolling monthly subscription service.

Classes can be booked (and also cancelled and re-booked) whenever you wish.

After completing your set of classes you are welcome to purchase another set in bulk if you wish.


Signing up to our online classes is super simple.

The table of subscriptions and packages below shows you all the options available.

These include:

  • Monthly packages (a rolling 4 week subscription)
  • One off packages (one time purchase)

Choose which of these you prefer and then choose between Simplified or Traditional Mandarin.

Book the number of classes that suits your study goals best, pick your preferred currency, hit BUY NOW and you’re good to go.

BONUS | If you want to try before you buy, we also offer a 7 day free trial which you can select from the table below also.

Jane - LTL's Immersion Specialist


Do you have a free trial?

Yes we offer a 7 day free trial to all potential students.

You can find this on the table above by clicking the START 7 DAY FREE TRIAL button.

Where can I see reviews about LTL?

We are well reviewed across the internet.

We have over 100 five star reviews on Google and a further hundred reviews on Trustpilot also.

How long is a class?

Every online class is an hour long.

How should I prepare myself for my classes?

A working internet connection is of course the first thing you need, along with headphones and an internet enabled device.

It is possible to take classes on a mobile or a tablet also. However, in our experience computers work best because of the bigger screen.

As with any class, make sure you are in a quiet undisturbed environment where you can fully focus on you teacher and materials.

Can I study other languages with LTL?

You can indeed.

We actually teach 8 different languages using Flexi Classes which are:

Mandarin (Traditional and Simplified)






Taiwanese Hokkien

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