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There is never a better time to start learning a language than right now! That statement is doubly true for Chinese Classes For Kids!

Typically, the younger a kid is, the better they’re picking up a language.

A massive advantage of Chinese Classes for Kids can be picking up tones, grammar and vocabulary much faster than their adult learning counterparts.

With LTL, your children can learn Mandarin with some of the worlds best Chinese language teachers at very competitive prices.

We’ve helped thousands of children pick up Mandarin incredibly fast by providing the right environment and educators.

LTL’s teachers are certified mandarin instructors who specialize in teaching all ages and levels.

Chinese Class for kids

Our Chinese classes for kids courses are tailored towards each child’s individual needs.

Some Children need more fun to engage with Chinese lessons, while others require a more structured curriculum. Contact us to book a FREE Course Preparation Talk to find out how we can tailor a Chinese course to your child today.

Part-Time Chinese for Kids

Kids eligible for Chinese Classes must be 12 years or younger. For children older than 12, check out our teenager programs.

Prices vary as our Chinese teachers for children are more qualified and require more preparation for classes.

Class HoursSGD / Hour
90 – 119113
60 – 89116
30 – 59122

These prices are final, there are no hidden fees or charges when you book any course with LTL Mandarin School.

Full-Time Chinese Course for Kids

Duration% OFFKids Standard Individual
(20h 1-on-1)
Kids Intensive Individual
(30h 1-on-1)
1 wk0%2,8554282
2 wk-2%5,5708356
3 wk-5%8,15112,227
4 wk-7%10,60415,906
5 wk-9%12,93119,397
6 wk-12%15,13922,709
7 wk-14%17,23225,847
8 wk-16%19,21328,819
9 wk-18%21,08731,631
10 wk-20%22,85934,289
11 wk-22%24,53236,797
12 wk-24%26,10939,163
13+ wks-24%2,1763,264
All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Want to study full time in the holidays?

Accelerate your kid’s learning over the summer and winter break with a full-time Chinese course that will help them get ahead of their studies.

Holiday studies give kids the much-needed opportunity to spend large blocks of time focusing on things like Chinese characters, grammar, reading writing and of course, SPEAKING!

Holiday full-time prices are not limited to the upcoming break.

All hours purchased are valid for up to 2 years from the date purchases.

Meaning if you want to enjoy the maximum discount of 24% for 12 weeks of study and divide them amongst the next 4 school breaks, you’re more than welcome to do so!

Chinese Classes For Kids

Specialized – teachers experienced with kids
All ages – We teach kids of all ages
Fun – interactive classrooms
School – complimentary lessons to school Chinese

Our teachers

Experienced – thousands of hours teaching Chinese
Certified – Fully accredited language instructors
Motivated – China’s most loved teachers
Renowned – Ranked China’s #1 Mandarin School

Family Experience

Support – 24/7 support for child and family
Tailored – Family and Children’s needs catered to
Flexible – with any busy family schedule
Fun – Interactive teachers and learning materials

Be Part of LTL

History – Established in Beijing in 2007
Experienced – Over 100,000 hours taught
Established – in 8 cities
Success – Our students have a 95% HSK pass rate

Mandarin for Families in Singapore

Across our schools, we have been organizing Chinese Classes for Kids and families for more than a decade. We can cater to classes for the entire family!

When it comes to living the language, there is no age limit.

Depending on the age of your children, kids learning is quite different from adults, and we tailor our courses to their needs. There are many different options for Chinese Classes for Kids, including 1-on-1 lessons, group, test preparation and even a summer camp!

Coming to Singapore? We can support you and your family all the way, including airport pickup, survival kids and more!

Online Chinese Classes for Kids

We also offer Chinese Classes for Kids online!

We have a dedicated team in worldwide teaching classes to students around the world 24/7. With our online programs, we can bring China’s best mandarin teachers directly to your child’s screen.

LTL’s online teaching staff are trained in the latest online learning practices as well as specializing in Chinese Classes for kids.

DID YOU KNOW: the average LTL teacher works for us for an average of 6 years?

For children, it is doubly important to have a stable teacher with whom they can connect and build a relationship.

For online classes, it’s best to visit our online school website, dedicated to our online programs. For more information, contact Johan, the online school director at [email protected].

Chinese Classes for kids Online


Can two students study together?

Yes, absolutely!

If both students are at the same level and have the same goals, they can be put in a class together. BONUS: Each gets a 20% discount!

What is the age range for the kids program?

We typically teach Chinese to kids from 7 to 18 years.

For kids younger than seven, we have a more specialized program that might require parental support depending on their ability to focus.

Are there any additional fees?

No! All the prices you see on this page are final! No extra charges for weekends, evenings, sign-ups, materials or anything else.

Can I extend the class duration?

Of course! If your child’s classes are coming to an end, let us know if you would like an extension and we’ll be in contact shortly with how to do so.

Do I need to be around for class?

At the beginning it’s essential parents join the class and show enthusiasm for the lessons. It’s crucial kids develop a rapport with their teacher and create a routine.

After some time, this may not be necessary, but a guardian must be reachable during class hours.

How long is a class?

This depends on your kid’s age and personal situation.

To begin, we recommend one hour of class with a break. If we think your child is capable of more, we’ll tell you so. We would rather they enjoy learning than burn themselves our with a class too long.

How do I sign up?

Contact us via the blue ‘Contact’ button on the top right-hand corner. We’ll be in contact in less than 24 hours.

Please give us as much information as possible such as age, availability, mandarin level, online vs offline classes and your goals for learning Chinese.