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Life in Singapore at LTL

When you sign up to LTL you aren’t just here to study Chinese. You’re here to join a vibrant community made up of thousands of others from across the globe all with the shared passion to Live The Language.

We pride ourselves on the incredible community we’ve created here at LTL. That’s why so many come for the language but stay for the friendships and incredible support network.

Everyone is right there with you experiencing the exact same things and are incredibly supportive. Also, we serve free beer at our school Mon-Fri after 5pm!

Life at LTL Singapore

Millions of travellers from across the globe come to experience life in Singapore.

Singapore has a vibrant community both locally and, in the expat community. Having a social life in Singapore is easy if you know where to look. Let’s start off with the simplest way to have a social life in Singapore… LTL!

You’ll find our staff are super friendly and approachable including your Student advisor. Our teachers frequently join students for dinners and are happy to show off the best parts of their city. At the core of LTL, we’re about creating close relationships with students and teachers and you’ll why that makes it so hard to leave!

Every week we have one-three LTL events, one during the week after class usually a dinner, drinks or seeing a show close by. Sometimes we go on weekend trips also

Additionally, you’ll see plenty of spontaneous activity in the student groups such as a “who wants to go to Chinatown this weekend”. For all community-organised events, we will, of course, help you out with recommendations and bookings!

Life in Singapore is incredibly easy! There are so many weekly activities organized by us and students. Additionally, Singapore is packed full of groups, events and activities.

Join a hiking group to see the incredible walking tracks of Singapore. Meet the entrepreneurs of Singapore at one of the hundreds of networking events held on the island or just simply find your people at LTL and enjoy the hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants and each other’s company.

Feel free to arrange your own social events and create new groups and invite others to attend, share your stores of Singapore and further afield. Of course, all events are optional so if you wish to do your own things that’s no problem at all.

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