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Chinese for Singaporeans

Are you from Singapore? Want to enhance your Chinese skills? Looking for top-rated Chinese classes in Singapore?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a Mandarin Tutor in Singapore at LTL School is exactly for you!

We run full time and part-time courses here in the heart of Singapore and with Mandarin as one of Singapore’s four official languages, we are here to help propel your Mandarin to new heights.

Our Chinese courses for Singaporeans are flexible and personalised, you learn what you want to learn. We will prepare a study plan for you before you begin your course.

Chinese classes for Singaporean

Who Is This Course For?

Singaporeans: This program is specifically designed for Singaporeans who wish to learn Mandarin
What about the rest of us?: All our other courses welcome all nationalities from around the world

1 Teaching Team

Personalized for you: Our teachers help prepare the perfect study plan with you and execute it to perfection
Experience, Certified: We only hire the best teachers in Singapore. Teachers all boast bags of experience

Asian Descent Speakers at LTL Mandarin School

Chinese for Singaporeans – Chinese Classes in Singapore

Learning Chinese as a Singaporean is likely very different to a European learning Chinese.

As a Singaporean, you are exposed to Mandarin on a daily basis, whether it be spoken, in the streets, at restaurants. You will have the exposure of Chinese characters, the culture of Chinese etc. This is why we have a separate tailored course for Singapore locals.

These classes are all individual, which allows them to be tailored exactly how you want them to be, compared to a group course which follows a similar structure each time.

Here are a couple of examples how your experience of Mandarin as a Singaporean might be different.

  • Student A – Speaks “kitchen Mandarin” but cannot communicate with friends and colleagues in various situations when they speak Mandarin
  • Student B – Student B has parents who were born and raised in a Cantonese speaking environment. Therefore, student B is very familiar with characters but struggles with any sort of spoken Mandarin
  • Student C – Student C studied English and Mandarin at school meaning the level of spoken Mandarin will likely than that of a student from the west who studied Mandarin at a university/high school due to their daily exposure of Mandarin in Singapore.

See how the situations can vary widely. This is a vast contrast from many westerners who come to study Chinese in Singapore who are more often at an earlier stage of studies and have had little exposure to any spoken or written Mandarin,

We’ll be sure to speak to you before signing up about your story and situation. After all, everyone is completely different, and this is what makes LTL so great, the uniqueness of each individual student.

Mandarin Tutor in Singapore – Prices (SGD)

Listed below are full time courses. Note that if you wish to partake in a part-time course with us, you will need to contact us so we can provide you with a schedule that suits you, and a price.

These prices are listed in Singapore Dollars (S$).

Duration20h Chinese Heritage Speakers 1-on-1 classes/week30h Chinese Heritage Speakers 1-on-1 classes/week
2 Weeks2,7784,167
3 Weeks4,0666,099
4 Weeks5,2897,933
8 Weeks9,58314,374
12 Weeks13,02219,534
 13-52 wks1,085 / wk1,628 / wk

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not study in a small group class?

Your needs will most likely be very different from any other student, making a group class no use to anyone.

However, if there is a student you study with and you know you have a very similar level, and you wish to study together, we can arrange this.

Would a Chinese Homestay family be of use to me?

It would be yes because it would expose you to even more Mandarin.

A lot of success with Mandarin is defined on what you do outside the classroom so this could be an option for you if you wish.

Can I still meet other students at LTL?

Absolutely. One thing we have always carried from our early days to now is a tight-knit, family community. We want LTL to be your 2nd home. Mixing with students is a huge part of that.

I don’t have time to study full-time, can you help me create a personalised part time course?

Yes of course. Everyone has different schedules and at LTL we are open 365 days of the year.

If you want to partake in a morning, evening or even weekend program, we will help you get this setup.