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Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi – HSK Exam

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (汉语水平考试) means “Mandarin Level Test”, and refers to the HSK Exam.

Exams are organised by the Hanban (汉办), the International Council of the Chinese Language, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and also in charge of all Confucius Institutes (孔子学院).

The HSK Exam takes place in various testing centres all over the world. This includes private language schools, universities and Confucius institutes.

No matter the testing centre and the country, the dates and exam itself are exactly the same. However, not every centre offers exam dates every month.

Lots of students are taking the HSK exam in Singapore for many different reasons. It can be to assess their level of Chinese, to achieve personal goals, to enter university or even to find a job. LTL offers several programs and packages to help student prepare for the test and of course, to pass!

LTL Mandarin School is a registered HSK Testing Centre from HSK 1 to HSK 6.

Further down the page, you will find all the information you need about the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, HSK vocabulary lists, prices and even more.

Hanyu Shuipin Kaoshi – HSK Test Levels

  • HSK 1 – Understanding of basic Chinese words and sentences
  • HSK 2 – Able to use the basics of the Chinese language and achieve simple tasks
  • HSK 3 – Able to communicate daily, both at school and at work
  • HSK 4 – Can speak fluently about a diverse range of topics with locals
  • HSK 5 – Can speak fluently on any topic and read Chinese newspapers
  • HSK 6 – Can communicate in both speaking and writing, speak fluently without any obstacles

Take a FREE online HSK vocabulary test to help determine your level.

LevelExam DurationWords you need to learn
HSK 135 minutes150 words
HSK 250 minutes300 words
HSK 31 hour 25 minutes600 words
HSK 41 hour 40 minutes1200 words
HSK 52 hours2500 words
HSK 62 hours 15 minutes5000 words

Overall, the HSK exam has six different levels. HSK 1 covers the basics of Mandarin and HSK 6 is the most advanced level, language fluency. Following are description of each level so you are aware what to expect by taking the exam:

NEW HSK Test Levels

That’s right! The HSK we all know and love is getting an update! We’re moving from 6 levels to 9!

Don’t worry it’s not coming into effect right away and your existing test results will still be valid.

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Not sure your HSK level? Try our HSK vocabulary tests!

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi – How does it work?

There are six levels in total, so six HSK exams. You can choose to take the test on a computer or on paper depending on your level. No speaking is needed during this exam. If you wish to take a Chinese speaking test, you’ll want to take the HSKK Exam (yes, two K that’s correct). Contact us for more information about HSKK exams.

Here a several important details about the test:

A HSK exam is divided into different categories. Listening, Reading and Writing from HSK3 to 6. Each category includes a number of questions to evaluate every one of your Chinese skills.

You can choose to take either the written test or the computer test depending on your HSK level. From HSK level 1 to 4, taking the written test is mandatory. HSK level 5 and 6 can be taken either on paper or on computer. There is no difference between taking the computer or the written exam. We generally recommend to our students to take the computer exam whenever the chance.

The HSK 5 and 6 exams requires to write texts in Chinese characters, which is easier done with a keyboard since you only have to type the pinyin.

HSK Exam – 2022 Dates and Prices

Following below are the 2022 dates for the HSK Exams. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE THE DATES FOR THE HSK EXAMS IN CHINA, this can vary in each country so if necessary please check online or contact us.

Date of ExamResults Due (Paper Test)Results Due (Online Test)
Sunday June 12th 2022July 12th 2022June 27th 2022
Saturday July 16th 2022August 16th 2022August 1st 2022
Sunday August 21st 2022September 21st 2022September 5th 2022
Saturday September 17th 2022October 24th 2022October 10th 2022
Sunday October 16th 2022November 16th 2022October 31st 2022
Saturday November 19th 2022December 19th 2022December 5th 2022
Sunday December 4th 2022January 4th 2023December 19th 2022

*this date is Online HSK Exam only

HSK Preparation Courses

All of our HSK preparation courses are taught by experienced and certified teachers, who know how to help you learn Chinese according to your needs and of course, pass the HSK exam with the highest score possible.

The teachers will teach you the grammar, the vocabulary, the sentences structures and everything you need to know regarding the test to help you be prepared and feel more confident during the HSK Exam.

You can add other programs to your HSK Preparation Classes too, such as Group Classes, Individual Classes or even a Multi-City Program.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about the HSK Exam or how to sign up for the preparation classes.

  • HSK Preparation Courses taught by certified HSK Teachers
  • Individual classes for rapid progress
  • Start on any Monday of the year
  • Combine your HSK classes with another program
  • LTL is an official HSK Test Centre
  • Contact us for more details

Pricing for HSK Classes

All of our prices below are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Standard Program & Pricing

HSK Standard – 20h 1-on-1 HSK classes

DurationDiscountPrice (Singapore Dollars)
2 weeks0%1,985
4 weeks-5%3,778
8 weeks-14%6,845
12 weeks-22%9,303
13-52 wks-22%705 / wk

Intensive Program & Pricing

HSK Intensive – 30h 1-on-1 HSK classes

DurationDiscountPrice (Singapore Dollars)
2 weeks0%2,977
4 weeks-5%5,667
8 weeks-14%10,268
12 weeks-22%13,954
13-52 wks-22%1,057 / wk

Preparation Kit – HSK Exam

The LTL HSK Exam Preparation Kit was conceived to help you through the process of passing the HSK Exam.

To pass the HSK exam, you will need to know a specific vocabulary and sentences structures, and thankfully our teachers know what will be tested and how to prepare you accordingly.

Our Preparation Kit will include a study plan for your particular goals, several mock exams to practice, and get you ready for the exam itself.

We will also help you through the payment process so you can start studying as soon as possible. We can assure you, our teachers will do their best to prepare you for the HSK Exam.

The Process

  1. Course Preparation Talk – Your HSK teacher will assess your current level of Chinese and set up a HSK level for you to achieve, from level on to six.
  2. Choose an Exam and Date – When you are ready to take an exam, it is time to choose a date and start studying for it.
  3. Personalised study plan – Your teacher will set up goals for you to attain, strategies as well as mock papers so you have all the resources you need to succeed.
  4. Take Mock Tests – Mock test are actually previous’ years exams, there is no best way to practice!
  5. It’s time for your test – 加油!

Included in the Kit: 

  • Study plan and level assessment
  • Mock tests and analysis
  • Five sets of past HSK Test papers including CD
  • HSK Test Syllabus
  • Sign up and staff support
  • Chinese classes are not included 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my HSK Level?

Your teacher assess your current Chinese level and will know exactly your HSK level. 

They will inform you what your level is and what exam you should be aiming to take. You can then prepare for the exam with your teacher.

Where are exams taken?

Exams are taken at a centre not far from the school. We will give you all the necessary information when the exam is booked.

Why is the written test harder than the computer test?

We strongly think that taking the test on the computer is the best way, since you will have less risks to lose marks compared to taking the written exam.

The reason is simple, during the written exam you will need to write manually every single characters, and if you write it wrong you lose marks.

If you take the computer exam, you type the Pinyin on the keyboard and the characters automatically appear. You will still need to know the characters to choose from a long list of Hanzi with the same Pinyin, but there is less chance to get the character wrong this way.

Do I have to take a HSK Exam?

You are under no obligations to take any exam when you learn Chinese.

An oral test or a speaking test is just a way of gaining a grade. If you need this on your CV for a potential job then yes, the HSK Exam is worth taking.

If you have a personal goal and want to reach a certain level of Chinese proficiency, then yes why not take the test. Otherwise the choice is completely up to you.

Can I take two HSK Exams of two different levels the same day?

In theory yes but we would not recommend it, be fully prepared for one and go for that one.

What do I bring in the examination room?

If you are taking the written exam you will need to bring a pencil and an eraser.

In any case, you will need to bring your admission ticket as well as your passport.

And that’s it, good luck!

I have returned home before getting my results. Can you send them to me?

Yes of course, we can.

You will only need to give us you complete name as well as postal address in order for us to do so.

List of HSK Vocabulary