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Business Chinese Course Singapore

Join our Business Chinese Course in Singapore. They are the perfect way to break down language barriers with your Chinese colleagues or break into the cooperate world in China.

Our trained and certified teachers mould classes to your needs and your learning styles.

From basic business conversations to advanced negotiations were able to help you discuss everything about your business or industry in Chinese.

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Expert teachers
  • 1-on-1 classes
  • Study at home, work or online
  • All levels catered for
  • Transparent pricing
LTL Singapore Team
Our team will get you where you want to be

This program is extremely flexible, made to fit around the busiest of work schedules. Sign up today for your free Course Preparation Talk. From here we can help you navigate your way towards the ideal study plan.

Close the Language Barrier

Learn: Chinese lessons focused on your Industry
Resume: Put your resume ahead of others
Communication: Gain confidence speaking with colleagues
Vocabulary: Use key business phases early

Super Flexible Schedules

When you want: Monday to Sunday, morning and evenings
Where you want: At work, at home or online
Tailor-Made: Reach your goals as fast as possible

Singapore’s #1 Teachers

Certified: All LTL teachers are certified, Mandarin teachers
Rapport: We make classes a truly enjoyable experience
Tailored: Classes are moulded around your needs
1-on-1: Fast track your learning with daily 1-on-1 practice

One to One Classes

Fast Progress: Improve swiftly with a one on one teacher
Personal Service: Your Student Advisor is always on hand
Discover the Culture: Learn more than just the language

Business Chinese Course Singapore – Prices

No surcharges for morning, evening and weekend classes.

Class times are between 8am – 9pm. No matter the time or location, class prices remain the same. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Cancellations – You can cancel up to 30% of your classes six hours before classes without financial penalties.

Class HoursPrice Per Hour
> 120100
90 – 119104
60 -89108
30 – 59113
All prices are listed in SGD unless noted otherwise

Study Business Chinese in Singapore

LTL is offering you the opportunity to add an impressive skill to your resume!

With this Business Chinese Course, you will be able to communicate with your Chinese colleagues, negotiate, have an industry-specific vocabulary and understand deeper nuanced elements to do business in China.

Before you start you will have a free Course Preparation Talk with us. It’s not a high stakes test, it’s just a quick call for us to determine your level of Chinese and is vital for us to create your study plan.

Content in your course is tailored to your industry and current Mandarin abilities.

Our Business Chinese Course in Singapore is all taught one to one. There are no extra charges whether your class is on a morning, evening or weekend and we travel within the yellow line at no extra cost.

If work commitments mean your schedule unpredictable, that isn’t a problem with us! We have options to cancel classes as well as a Super Flexible Program option allowing more flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all classes one to one?

Yes, this is a key element to our Business Chinese Course. Every individual has specific learning styles, wants and needs when studying business Mandarin. For us to help you as best we can we highly recommend these tailored classes.

Do I need any prior knowledge of Chinese to take this course?

No, the 1-on-1 nature of these courses means your level is irrelevant. Beginner to advanced are welcome to these business Chinese courses in Singapore.

How do you tailor the classes to suit me?

We do this by first assessing your current mandarin levels. This gives us an idea of how far along your Chinese abilities are. Then we discuss your current industry and what you hope to get out of this course. From this comes a study plan tailored just to you.

How quickly can I achieve my goals?

This relies heavily on how much you put in. If you’re not applying these lessons out in the real world it will talk longer than usual. Additionally, you’ll want to be practising as much as you can.

Have some time off? Why not visit China through our multi-city program?

If I learn business Chinese, will I be able to expand my general Mandarin knowledge?

Leaning a language is all about being able to communicate and make connections with people from other cultures.

While the main goal of this course will be to improve your business Chinese. You might also want to make better connections with Chinese colleagues outside of the office. You will find elements of your general Chinese abilities improving in this course as well.

I think I need more flexibility. Can you help?

Yes, we can! We have other part-time courses and a Super Flexible Program, that might be suited better suited to your unpredictable work schedules.

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