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Chinese for Teens

There is no better time to learn another language than in your childhood.

Chinese for teens can open up many exciting opportunities as they explore their possibilities after graduating from high school.

We have seen first-hand, teenagers in our Online High School Chinese Courses reach fluency much faster than adult students at similar levels.

All of our Chinese for Teens programs are available online and in-person in Singapore.

Online Chinese for Teens classes have the added benefits of:

  • Zero travel time
  • Access to some of the best Mandarin teachers in China
  • Much cheaper than in-person prices.

However, some learners are better suited to a face-to-face learning environment.

Online High School Chinese Courses

No matter what your teenager’s preferences are, our goal at LTL is to provide the right pace, best environment and clearest instruction to help accelerate their learning.

All of our teachers are qualified mandarin teachers. When it comes to Chinese for teens an experienced and fun teacher really makes a huge difference.

Our Chinese for Teens programs are made to be fun, interactive and tailored towards your teenager’s needs.

Some teenagers need lessons to be fun to absorb information while others need a more structured curriculum. No matter the learning personality, our primary goal is to make sure that this course fits your teen’s needs.

Chinese for Teens

Specially designed: to suit the needs of teenagers
All ages: we teach students of all ages
Enjoyable: classes made to be fun and interactive
Portable: online and offline we can fit around a busy timetable


State-of-the-art: we’re at the forefront of online education
Operating system: running on fast reliable connections
Support: always here to help with your IT support
Interactive: two-sided whiteboards, chats, videos and more

Our Teachers

Accomplished: thousands of hours of teaching experience
Accredited: qualified Chinese instructors
Inspiring: we don’t just teach, we Live the Language!
Companionship: nothing makes us happier than our student’s success

LTL Mandarin School

History: Founded in 2007
Accomplished: Over 100,000 classroom hours taught
Well-established: operating in 8 cities
Success rate: we boast a 95% HSK pass rate

Chinese for Teens in Singapore

Studying Chinese in Singapore, 1-on-1 with a Chinese teacher can make all the difference for teenagers.

Our tailored programs in Singapore are taught by expert teachers who have years of experience teaching Mandarin.

We can meet your teenager anywhere within the circle line for free.

All prices are in Singapore dollars and per person. There are no surcharges for weekend, morning or evening classes.

Class HoursPrice (SGD per hour)
> 12090
90 – 11994
60 – 8996
30 – 59101

Full-Time Chinese for Teens

Take advantage of the school holidays and study full-time! There’s no better way to get ahead of next semesters Chinese classes and examinations than a full-time Chinese course. Get ahead and stay there with 20 to 30 hours per week of dedicated Chinese classes.

Note: These classes don’t expire for up to 2 years! Take advantage of our discounts and purchase several weeks of study and spread them out over multiple school holidays.

Duration% OFFStandard Individual
(20h 1-on-1)
Intensive Individual
(30h 1-on-1)
1 Week0%2,3843,575
2 Weeks2%4,6516,977
3 Weeks5%6,80610,209
4 Weeks7%8,85313,280
5 Weeks9%10,79716,195
6 Weeks12%12,64018,961
7 Weeks14%14,38821,581
8 Weeks16%16,04224,063
9 Weeks18%17,60726,410
10 Weeks20%19,08628,629
11 Weeks22%20,48330,724
12 Weeks24%21,80032,699
13+ Weeks24%1,8172,725

Chinese for Kids in Singapore

Want to immerse your child in Mandarin? There’s no better time to study Chinese than at a young age!

LTL’s 1-on-1 Chinese for kids programs in Singapore are customised to your child’s goals and learning style. Classes are designed to be immersive, fun and ultimately useful in real-world situations.

Kids programs are for children up to (and including) 12 years old.

Class HoursPrice (SGD per hour)
> 120108
90 – 119113
60 – 89116
30 – 59122

Meet our Teachers

Chinese for Teens Online

Please note that our Chinese for teens online are conducted by our teachers in Mainland China. Therefore it’s not possible to have the same teacher online and in-person. Unless your teen wants to join one of our China programs such as our High School program, School Trip or Summer School.

Online Chinese packages for teens include:

Mini: 25 lessons, 2 months
Get your teenagers started with 25 hours of Chinese classes. It is a small but effective program designed to give your teenager a head start in Mandarin.

Standard: 50 lessons, 3 months
50 hours of 1-on-1 online Chinese classes for your child with an experienced Chinese language teacher. A good way to start getting serious about Mandarin and making solid progression.

Comprehensive: 75 lessons, 4 months
This is our most popular option for Chinese for Teens online. A substantial program, designed to get your child ahead in Chinese. Fully tailored to your needs and time requirements, this program was made to get your teenager up by one HSK level.

Thorough: 100 lessons, 5 months
With programs over 100 hours, the prices get lower. Students in our Thorough program or above are taking Mandarin very seriously and in it for the long haul.

Intensive: 150 lessons, 6 months
The intensive program is made to put your teenager on the path to fluency. During this program, your teen will progress by two HSK levels. This package can make all the difference in your teen’s learning progress.

Maximum: 200 lessons, 12 months
This is the largest Chinese for Teens program on offer. It does exactly what the name would imply in having the maximum impact and fastest progress in Chinese. Your teenagers Mandarin abilities will improve significantly over the year they do this course.

CourseNumber of ClassesPrice in USD

Per hour, because discounts increase as you purchase more, the Maximum course is the cheapest option when studying online with LTL.

Additional Discount: When two teens take online classes together, both parties receive a 20% discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my teenager take online and offline classes

Yes of course! You’re welcome to purchase online and offline packages. If for whatever reason you cannot finish your online or in-person classes within the specified time frame, don’t worry! We allow for extensions of up to two years.

Does my teen need any prior knowledge of Chinese to take this course?

No! In 1-on-1 classes your teacher is instructing at your level, your speed at the intensity you can handle.

How do you tailor a course to my teenager?

We do this by assessing your teenager’s Chinese abilities levels, their learning styles, any high school learning outcomes they have (if any) and other learning goals they might have to then craft the perfect study plan for them.

Can my son/daughter study on the weekends, mornings or evenings?

Yes of course! With our Chinese for teens programs, you can study in person at any time from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm at no extra charge.

What is the recommended length of study time

As classes are normally after school we recommend studying between 1.5 to 2 hours per class, as it can take time to get your brain into “learning mode”, but we don’t want your teenagers to burn out after a long day at school.

Weekends sessions can be longer and more intense with ample breaks.

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