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Take Conversational Mandarin Classes in Singapore

Learn how to speak Chinese fast with our Conversational Mandarin Classes in Singapore. In this course, only spoken Chinese is taught, no Chinese reading or writing.

Watch your speaking abilities progress much faster with our Conversational Mandarin Course. By redirecting your efforts from Chinese characters towards speaking and listening, you’ll be talking much sooner than those not in this course.

This program is perfect for students wanting better pronunciation and tones while getting real-world practice of conversational Chinese and grammar in spoken Chinese.

  • Learn to speak Chinese quickly
  • Spoken Chinese only
  • Professional teachers
Conversational Mandarin Classes Singapore

Being able to speak Mandarin has many benefits in Singapore and abroad. Our programs are flexible, so if you want to start learning characters, that can be arranged. Although Chinese characters are not taught directly in a Conversational Mandarin class, they are still shown throughout the course to build familiarity.

Learn how to speak Chinese quickly

Spoken Chinese only: Focus only on how to speak
Streamlined course: Less time reading and more speaking!
Practice makes perfect: Dedicated to speaking and listening
Add-ons: Learn to read and write later if you want to

Personal Customer Service

Simple: Swift and easy to sign up and pay
English: Our Teachers and Student Advisors all speak English
Not just a number: Your program will be personalised
Free Course Preparation Talk: FREE evaluation of your Chinese

Expert Teachers

Experienced: All our teachers have at least 5 years experience
Qualified: All our teachers have qualifications in Chinese
Accredited: All our teachers are certified language instructors
Professional: All our teachers are native Chinese speakers

China’s Best Language School

Established: Check out our online reviews!
Flexibility: Starting dates throughout the year
Fair & transparent: Fair pricing & no hidden charges!
Experience: Over 100,000 hours taught

Chinese Speaking Class Options

When taking conversational Mandarin Classes in Singapore, you have two options:

  • With Standard Conversational Mandarin classes in Singapore, you’ll have up to 10 hours of class per week. 
  • Intensive Conversational Mandarin in Singapore is a 20 hour per week program.

We are flexible with times and locations. Anywhere within the circle line, there are no travel fees when meeting your teacher.

Subject to availability, you can start a Conversational Mandarin course as soon as next Monday!

Both the Standard and Intensive Spoken Chinese Only programs are offered at these levels: A0, A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Group Classes Singapore

Want to study with friends? Bring up to three people with you and make your own group for conversational Mandarin Classes in Singapore.

Receive 25% OFF per person

when you join our group program

Conversational Mandarin Classes Singapore Prices (SGD)

There are NEVER any hidden fees or charges in a LTL course. Prices include study materials and textbooks.

Weeks% OFFLight Individual
(10 hours)
Standard Individual
(20 hours)
Intensive Individual
(30 hours)
13 – 24-24%7271,4532,180

Want more flexibility with your Chinese course?

Check out our part time courses for more options and flexibility in your studies.

Conversational Mandarin Classes Singapore FAQ

How many students in a Conversational Mandarin class?

To make sure you have the opportunity to speak, all group classes at LTL are kept small.

On average, a group class is 2.85 people with a guaranteed maximum of six students per class.

How can I pay for my Chinese course?

After your course is arranged, we will send you an invoice with payment instructions for a bank transfer within Singapore.

How can I learn Chinese characters later?

Once you’re at a comfortable level of conversational Chinese, it’s a good idea also to learn how the Chinese writing system works.

We offer specialised 1-on-1 courses to help you take the next step into reading and writing the Chinese language.

How do I sign up for a spoken only Chinese course?

Please send us a message via our contact form and let us know you’re interested in conversation Chinese.

We’ll organise everything else from there!

You will get a reply within 24 hours, most likely in a few hours. We might be a bit slower than usual on weekends, night and public holidays.

How long does it take to be able to speak Chinese?

A safe estimate for a complete beginner is around 30 hours to learn the basics required to get around China (relatively hassle-free), 60 hours for basic conversations and about 200 hours for all daily life conversations.

Which study materials do you use? 

For our Conversational Chinese program, we use Short-term Spoken Chinese series by Peking University Press.

However, with your free assessment, we might select another text more suited to your goals.

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