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Multi City Chinese Program

Want to study Chinese but not sure where to do it? Then programs don’t come anymore suited to you than this!

Welcome to the LTL Mandarin School Multi City Program, 8 cities to choose from, and learn Chinese in Singapore for any duration up to a year.

The is truly the most flexible and exciting learn Chinese program you will come across. Tailor your course with either group or individual classes, stay in a homestay or an apartment, learn Simplified or Traditional Chinese, study in one city or five!

We have prepared a number of exciting tailored programs which covers beach lovers, foodies, big city hoppers, and more! It’s an exciting time to come and learn Chinese with LTL.

Student Martin at his Homestay

Multi City Program Details

When can I start?

This depends on your current Chinese level and your course. If you are a complete beginner you will need to start on one of the Mondays listed below.

If you plan to study individually, or already have a little background knowledge in Mandarin, you can start any Monday of the year.

As Chengde is all individual classes there are no starting dates, any Monday is fine.

PLEASE NOTE – Starting dates vary in each city, below we’ve listed each city for your convenience.

  • Study in up to eight different cities
  • Chengdu and Xi’an – Full of culture
  • Beijing and Shanghai – The big two
  • Taipei and Beihai – For the beach lovers
  • Chengde – For genuine immersion
  • Singapore – An incredible clash of cultures

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I travel between cities?

It will depend on your choice of program. If you stay based in mainland China the high-speed trains are incredibly convenient but of course, if you are based in Taipei or Singapore you’ll need to book flights which you can get relatively cheaply but this will depend on when you travel and if you fly direct or make a change.

Is the cost of transport covered?

This varies per program, speak to us and we will confirm depending on what you are planning to book.

For example, our Metropolitan, Immersion and Three City combo, transport on trains are covered.

Is Chengde for me? It seems intensive?

It is intensive and very different. You must be aware if you join a Chinese program in Chengde you genuinely won’t be using any of your first language.

In Chengde, it will be a 100% Mandarin spoken trip. Your contact with foreigners will be minimal, if nothing at all.

Bear this in mind when booking and ask us any questions, our team will always support you and make sure the correct program is booked for your needs.

Can any level of Chinese take part?

Yes! We welcome all levels of Chinese. Even if you speak well, we want to help get you even better.

Please be aware if you have a level above intermediate classes will all be individual, we do not have advanced group classes because the numbers are far smaller and we can never guarantee a number of students.

Is Singapore a good place to learn Chinese?

Yes, which is why we set up a school there!

Mandarin is one of four official languages spoken there and whereas China will, of course, provide the most immersive environment, you can still achieve that in Singapore. There are plenty of chances to use Chinese day-to-day.

Student Martin at his Homestay

Chinese Immersion

The Great Wall of China

Three City Combo


Metropolitan China

Discover Chengde

Northern China

Old Town - Learn Chinese in Singapore

Southern China


Beach Lover


Food Lover