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Learn Mandarin on Youtube with LTL

Studying Chinese in China is certainly the best way to learn the language and we highly recommend it.

BUT! It’s not the only way to learn Mandarin!

It’s really not easy to learn a new language and for many different reasons. Financial restrictions, not enough time, too tired to open a book and study after work…

None of the above should stop you from learning Mandarin.

And that is exactly why we put so much effort into our YouTube Channel so you can Learn Mandarin on Youtube!

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Why Learn Mandarin on Youtube? 

Going on YouTube to learn Mandarin is actually a quick and easy way to learn the language, and here is why:

1 – Watch videos anytime, anywhere : while commuting to work, relaxing at home, during a break from homework or even in the shower.

What’s great about Youtube is that even if you only have little time, it is still worthwhile. If you are preparing a trip to China, or just like learning the language by yourself, Youtube can help you during the process and make it as much fun as it is educational.

2 – No commitment : Commitment, what a scary word. When booking classes to learn Chinese in China we question ourselves and wonder if we did the right thing (you did by the way!). We start to have doubts. But watching a video? There is nothing easier than that. If we don’t like it we just have to turn it off and go on with our life. No commitment.

3 – You’ll find everything you’re looking for : If you start to learn Mandarin online on Youtube with LTL, you’ll learn songs lyrics, how to order a subway sandwich and how NOT to learn Chinese, amongst so many other videos. Even advice on how to learn a language or where to find Chinese movies. We’ve covered so many topics already! Many other channels do the same so it is really easy to learn Mandarin on Youtube.

4 – Watch over and over : You watched a video but can’t remember all of the Chinese vocab you just learned? Didn’t catch the names of Shanghai’s most famous spots? We all know that awkward and guilty feeling in the classroom, asking the teacher to repeat the sentence again. Well, there is nothing to be guilty about with videos! You can skip parts of the video, repeat others, again and again, it is your very own personalised lesson.

5 – Learn as long as YOU want : Ever felt too tired in class to actually remember what was studied? Or continued studying after class because you felt really motivated to do so? When learning Mandarin online, you set your own schedule and can absorb as much or as little as you want.

Learn Mandarin Online on Youtube with LTL