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Overseas Immersion Programme Singapore

Looking for the perfect Immersion programme in Chinese? Look no further

This is the most extensive and immersive overseas immersion programme you’ll find.

Our school was built on the word Immersion. Take our brand name LTL – the acronym for Live the Language.

The best way to learn Chinese is through immersion. We discovered it ourselves, and now we want to share it with you

Study Chinese in two cities, the first being a city of your choosing (there’s seven in total), then make your way to Chengde, in the north of China, where the immersion really kicks in.

LTL Homestay
Live with an LTL Homestay Family
  • Study in two different cities
  • Start in Singapore, finish in Chengde
  • 24/7 Chinese in Chengde
  • Live in a homestay to enhance your Chinese further
  • Fastest language progress possible
  • Full support from the LTL Team

Two Cities

Choose from: a total of seven cities to start
Then… head to Chengde for the real immersive environment
Flexible: you choose where you want to study and how long
True Immersion: it doesn’t get any more immersive than this

Our Support Team

Community Feel: our staff are here to support you in every city
Activities: activities every week in each city
Contact: we keep in contact with you every step of the way
Friendly: ask us anything, chances are, we’ve solved it before

Learn Chinese Fast

Immersion really works: your Chinese will progress very fast
Speak Chinese: live and breathe Chinese 24/7 with LTL
Homestay: our homestays are highly rated
Don’t stop: make friends, discover the culture, improve fast

Flexible for you

Choose your Accommodation: most choose homestays (80% in fact) but we also have apartments for you to stay at also
Standard or Intensive courses: four hours a day or six? Group classes or completely individual? Even add on extra cities

What and Where is Chengde?

Good questions, it’s not known by many at all, and the people who think they know it, normally get it confuse with Chengdu!

Chengde is a city north of Beijing, 3 hours by car roughly. It’s the home of the LTL Immersion Programme.

Chengde was selected after extensive research by the team at LTL. It wasn’t just about finding a city that didn’t have many English speakers, it was about finding a desirable city to live, explore whilst also boasting standard Mandarin, not some local dialect that many areas of China have.

We could talk for hours about why Chengde is an amazing place to learn Mandarin, but we already have, check out life in Chengde and how extreme immersion works below.

Immersion Programme in Chinese – Discover Chengde

Immersion Programme – More Details

So, hopefully you can see the idea of the Overseas Immersion Programme is to get your Chinese ahead, fast.

So let’s get stuck into the programs now, remember Immersion at LTL covers the following:

The course can last as long as you want, from 4 weeks all the way to a year. You can split your course 50% in each location, or change it around also, we are flexible and happy to listen to what YOU want.

Overseas Immersion Programme – Standard

Study Chinese for 20 hours a week in a small group, followed by 20 hours of 1 on 1 in Chengde.

We will speak to you regarding your current Chinese level as this will impact on when you can start. If you have a bit of Mandarin experience already, then you can start any Monday of the year, if you are a complete beginner there are starting dates you must follow.

Overseas Immersion Programme – Intensive

The quickest and best way to learn Mandarin20 hours of small group and 10 hours of individual Chinese classes in your first city, followed by 30 hours of 1 on 1 in Chengde.

It’s a lot of Chinese but there is no course that will propel your Chinese to these levels, trust us, we’ve seen the results with many, many students who come through the LTL doors.

Overseas Immersion Programme – Individual

Learn Mandarin, just you and your teacher, for the most tailored experience. Study for 20 hours each week with individual classes both in your first city and Chengde.

You can start the program on any Monday, regardless of your level as the class is individual.

Immersion Programme in Singapore/China – Prices

PLEASE NOTE – our prices for the Immersion Programme will depend on the first city you decide to study in. Here is a quick guide:

  • Beihai – Chengde (40% DISCOUNT)
  • Chengdu/Xi’an – Chengde (30% DISCOUNT)
  • Beijing/Shanghai/Taipei – Chengde (Standard Pricing as shown below)
  • Singapore – Chengde (40% Supplement)

The prices below follow the Beijing/Shanghai/Taipei prices. If you wish to start in Beihai, Chengdu or Xi’an the prices will be discounted accordingly and likewise if you study in Singapore, the prices will be due an increase.

4 wks18,98224,09929,216
6 wks25,54832,85440,160
8 wks31,44640,71849,990
10 wks36,72547,75658,788
12 wks41,43054,03066,630
14 wks47,73062,43077,130
16 wks54,03070,83087,630
+2 wks6,300 / 2 wks8,400 / 2 wks10,500 / 2 wks
Prices are all in CNY (Chinese Yuan/Renminbi)

ALL PRICES are all in CNY (Chinese Yuan/Renminbi)

Included are the following: Survival Kit Standard, all tuition fees, airport pick-up, all text books and 24/7 support

Does not include: Accommodation

LTL School Classes – What They Said

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I take the program for?

Entirely up to you! Anything from four to a year!

How do I travel between cities?

This will depend on where you are based in your first city.

Beijing, being the closest, is the most convenient as you can take a train/bus or car there. Taipei and Singapore, being away from the mainland would require a flight.

Talk to us and we will tell you the options available.

Can I become fluent in a year?

A popular yet very difficult question to answer. It’s impossible to make any guarantees but let’s put it this way, we’ve had students pass HSK6 after a year with us and we have proof!

You can go as far as you push yourself, but a year with LTL, we’d expect you to make significant progress and at the very least be around a HSK 4 level, but in truth, you’d probably go higher.

Is there an LTL School in Chengde?

No there isn’t and we made this decision on purpose.

A school means a school community, which as lovely as that is, defeats the prospect of immersion. Chengde is all about 24/7 Mandarin. This is hard to achieve when you have a school with international students at your disposal.

What about accommodation?

We offer homestays and apartments.

Chat to us about your situation and what you want to achieve. Homestays are very popular – 80% of students stay at them, and in Chengde, 95% choose the homestay.

Ultimately it comes down to your goals and your budget. Speak to us and we’ll find the best solution.

What is life in Chengde like?

Life in Chengde is peaceful, relaxed and much slower paced than the top tier cities in China.

We wrote a whole page about life in Chengde here, take a look.

Instead of splitting the program half/half are other options also possible?

Yes of course, most of the programs we provide have some form of personalised changes to them, because everyone is different!

That’s the beauty of our programs, we can always find the best one for you.