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Medical Chinese for Health Workers

Did you know you can learn medical Chinese in Singapore?

Discover why LTL’s course on Medical Chinese for Health Workers is one of Singapore’s best-specialised courses for health care workers.

Here at LTL Mandarin School, we’ve helped over 7,000 students achieve their Mandarin goals.

These goals have ranged from grasping the basics of Chinese for survival Chinese, passing HSK examinations, and very specific objectives such as business Mandarin. Now you can Learn Medical Chinese as well!

Learn Medical Chinese
Learn Medical Chinese

Singapore has a rapidly ageing population, and while most young Singaporeans can speak multiple languages, for some, Chinese Mandarin will be the only language they ever knew.

This is clearly a problem for healthcare workers wanting clear communication with their patients. 

That’s where we come in! Our course allows you to learn Medical Chinese as a Health Worker and give you the vocabulary you need for communication in health care. It gives you the tools to apply this knowledge to a wide variety of medical situations.

With around 47% of Singapore’s population speaking Mandarin learning Medical Chinese as healthcare workers is a must!

How do I get started?

Like any LTL course, the first thing we’ll do is give you a FREE Course Preparation talk and evaluate your current level of Mandarin! After determining your level, goals, learning style, we can create a customised course just for you.

No two language learners are the same, so why have a one-size-fits-all approach to your learning?

After we’ve found you the best teacher and created a curriculum that works just for you, we’ll set out some realistic goals and milestones for you to Learn Medical Chinese.

Medical Chinese – Prices (SGD)

There are never any hidden surcharges for things like textbooks, evening or weekend classes with any LTL course. All the prices here are final.

Class times are between 8am – 9pm. No matter the time or location, class prices remain the same. 

BONUS – You can cancel up to 30% of your classes six hours before classes without financial penalties.

Class HoursPrice Per Hour
More than or equal to 12091
90 – 11995
60 -8998
30 – 59102
All prices are listed in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Learn Medical Chinese – FAQ’s

To learn Medical Chinese is a fantastic skill to have and definitely something to add to your resume!

In this course, you’ll learn all there is to know to talk about one’s health in various contexts and specialised in areas of your interest.

Our specialised courses are 1-on-1 as they usually are too advanced and niche to get a group of students together. However, if you want to study with a friend, both of you can enjoy 20% off if you learn at the same time. 

How long will it take me to learn Medical Chinese?

This will depend on your goals, such as learning a broad range of Medical Chinese or diving more into your field of expertise.

Additionally, your progress will change depending on if you are study full or part-time.

We’ve been doing this a long time and give you realistic milestones for your Mandarin ambitions.

Can I learn Medical Chinese online?

Yes, absolutely!

You can attend classes in person or online. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Check out our Flexi Class website for more about our online courses and programs.

Where are the Mandarin Lessons?

For classes within the circle line, our teachers can meet you in a quiet and convenient location of your preference.

Can I expand my general Mandarin Knowledge?

Yes, of course!

All of our courses are designed to improve your communication skills in all aspects of Mandarin.

As a 1-on-1 class, you’re in control of the direction you take. If you wish to focus more on general mandarin or other aspects of the language, we can accommodate.

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