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Egg in Chinese ? Discover Some EGGCELLENT Vocabulary

Need to talk about eggs in Chinese? How do you like your eggs in the morning?

You’ve come to the right place if you like your eggs and you’re learning Chinese!

How do you like your eggs in Mandarin
How do you like your eggs?

If you’ve ever left home and moved abroad you’ll know that a changing diet is almost a given. It’s hard to avoid, but the beauty of the egg? It’s a constant!

That’s right, eggs ain’t going anywhere my friend!

This is a complete breakdown of eggs in Chinese.

Eggs in Mandarin – Animal’s Eggs in Chinese

Eggs in Mandarin – Egg Dishes in China

Eggs in Mandarin – ‘How do you like your Eggs’ in Chinese

BONUS – Take the EGG QUIZ!

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Amazing right?

Don’t stop your animal learning there! We have an entire encyclopaedia of animals in Chinese.

Animal Eggs in Chinese

What came first the chicken or the egg? Well in China it’s definitely the chicken!

By this point, you should know all the birds in Chinese right? That will make this next section much easier! Here’s how you identify a bird’s eggs in Chinese:

(Bird Name) + (蛋 dàn)

You can apply this to any type of bird. Here are the bird’s eggs in Chinese you’ll most likely come across on a Chinese menu.

Chicken鸡蛋jī dàn
Duck鸭子蛋yā zi dàn
Emu鸸鹋蛋ér miáo dàn
Goose鹅蛋é dàn
Ostrich鸵鸟蛋tuó niǎo dàn
Pheasant野鸡蛋yějī dàn
Quail鹌鹑蛋ān chún dàn

Wondering what measure word to use when counting eggs in Chinese? You’ll kick yourself when you see it!

That’s right! A simple 个 gè will get the job done counting eggs.

Important: DON’T use 蛋 dàn for fish eggs!

(fish name) + 卵 luǎn. The general way to say fish eggs in Chinese is 鱼卵 yú luǎn.

Some other ocean creature’s egg names in mandarin:

  • Crab 螃蟹卵 pángxiè luǎn
  • Fish 鱼卵 yú luǎn
  • Lobster 龙虾卵 lóng xiā luǎn
  • Octopus 八爪鱼卵 bā zhuǎ yú luǎn
  • Shark 鲨鱼卵 shāyú luǎn

Egg Dishes in China

Century eggs: If you haven’t tried century eggs, have you really been to China? These feel like more of a dare to newcomers.

Egg in Chinese

Made from preserved duck, chicken or quail eggs. These eggs are left to ferment anywhere between several weeks or even months!

Chinese steamed eggs: Is similar to an omelette but is made with water and the mixture is steamed.

Egg foo yung: Are a delicious combination of eggs stirred with vegetables, then cooked in deep-fried oil and served with gravy!

Egg drop soup: Is a very common dish in China. The first time you see it, it iss not that appealing however it more of the tame egg dishes you’ll see on this list.

It’s made with beaten eggs and broth.

Oyster Omelette: are not surprisingly made with oysters. However, shrimp can be substituted in. Usually made with potato starch oyster omelettes are a bit thicker than your typical omelette.

Don’t forget the chili sauce before eating!

Salted duck eggs: are duck eggs pickled in saltwater brine.

Smoked egg: can be either fish or poultry eggs. Sometimes smoked eggs are boiled, peeled then smoked while others are smoke right in the shell.

Tea Egg: is an egg that’s been boiled, peeled and then boiled again in tea.

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‘How do you like your Eggs’ in Chinese?

nǐ xǐhuān zěnme zuò jīdàn?

Baked Egg 烘蛋 hōng dàn

Boiled Egg 水煮蛋 shuǐ zhǔ dàn

Fried Egg 煎鸡蛋 jiān jīdàn

Omelette 煎蛋卷 jiān dàn juǎn OR 摊鸡蛋饼 tān jīdàn bǐng

Poached egg 荷包蛋 hébāodàn OR 水波蛋 shuǐbō dàn

Scrambled Egg 炒蛋 chǎo dàn OR 嫩滑炒蛋 nèn huá chǎo dàn

More helpful vocabulary when talking about eggs in Chinese:

Yolk 蛋黄 dàn huáng
Egg white 蛋白 dàn bái
Eggshell 蛋壳 dàn ké
Peel: 剥 bāo

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The Chinese EGG Quiz

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First Name
蛋白 (dàn bái)

蛋黄 (dàn huáng)

Boiled Egg

Baked Egg

Fried Egg

剥 (bāo)


蛋壳 (dàn ké)

Poached egg

Scrambled Egg

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FAQ’s – Eggs in Chinese

How do you say Egg in Chinese?

The general word for egg in Chinese is 蛋 dàn.

How do you cook Chinese Salted Duck Eggs?

You’ll need duck eggs, Chinese cooking wine and fine sea salt.

Wet with the wine, role in the salt.

Place in a zip lock bag.

3 weeks later you’ll be eating Chinese salted duck eggs!

Simple as that!

Are Egg Rolls from China or Japan?

Despite commonly being referred to as Chinese egg rolls… They’re actually Japanese!

How do you say Egg Roll in Chinese?

To order egg rolls look for the characters 春卷 or ask for “Chūn juǎn”.

What are Chinese Tea Eggs?

Chinese tea eggs (as the name would suggest) are eggs boiled in tea!

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