Singapore Stocks 📈Ranked by Market Cap

Singapore Stocks // TOP 10 companies in Singapore

Before we get into these Singapore Stocks, let’s be clear on one thing.

This article is in no way financial advice, and you should always do your own research and talk to a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

With that said, we are here to showcase the top 10 Singapore Stocks according to their market capitalisation or “market cap.”

Market Cap, in layman’s terms, is a companies’ total amount of shares multiplied by the current market price of one share.

For example, a company with 100 shares valued at $1 each has a market cap of $100. Here’s a 2-minute video to explain the market cap further.

There are many ways to examine Singapore stocks and compare them to one and another. However, the Market Cap is a reliable way of knowing what investors value an entire company.

The Market Cap will answer the question: if I were to buy every stock in this company, how much would I be spending?

Given the nature of stocks prices, the Market Cap of these companies is changing daily, so we won’t list today’s prices, but you can see the latest rankings and market caps at this link:

Below, we will showcase Singapore TOP 10 Singapore stocks according to their Market Cap and give insights into their products and services.

Singapore Stocks #NO.1 Sea Limited

Sea Limited is a holding company for Shopee, SeaMoney, Garena.

Each of these companies is quite substantial, making Sea Limited have the highest Market Cap of any Singapore Stock.

  • Shopee is the largest online shopping platform in Southeast Asia.
  • SeaMonkey is a digital payments and financial services provider in Southeast Asia.
  • Garena is an online game developer. Their most popular games include League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and FIFA Online 3.

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Singapore Stocks #NO.2 DBS

DBS stands for the ‘Development Bank of Singapore‘ – The bank has a long history after being established by the Singapore Government in 1968.

Today DBS has 100 branches island-wide and is the largest bank in Southeast Asia by assets.

#NO.3 OCBC Bank

The Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, or OCBC Bank, is the second-largest bank in Southeast Asia.

It dates back to 1932 during the Great Depression, after three banks consolidated to form one. Today OCBC has 570 branches and offices across 18 countries.

Fun Fact: Did you know Singapore has a $10,000 banknote?

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You might be starting to notice a bit of a trend with Singapore stocks, but not all are banks on the list.

United Overseas Bank Limited, or UOB for short, is the third-largest bank in Southeast Asia by total assets, outdone by the banks mentioned above. The bank dates back to 1935 and is formally known as the United Chinese Bank.

Today the bank has 68 branches across Singapore and over 500 offices across 19 countries.

#NO.5 Singtel

Singtel is the abbreviated name for Singapore Telecommunications Limited.

It’s (almost) impossible to avoid Singtel for your communication needs in Singapore, given they provide mobile, internet, fixed-line, and television to 4.1 million Singaporeans. Not bad, considering the population of Singapore is 5.9 million.

Singtel also operates and has a market share of various Telecommunications companies across Asia-Pacific.

#NO.6 Wilmar

Wilmar International Limited is a food processing and investment holding company with over 300 subsidiary companies.

Wilmar dates back to 1991 and is one of Asia’s leading agriculture businesses. It even had the title of NO.2 of this list of Singapore Stocks in 2010… Take that banks!

Wilmar has over 500 manufacturing plants and a distribution network in over 50 countries (including India and China).

Their primary consumer products are edible oils, rice flour, and noodles.

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#NO.7 CapitaLand

CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest real estate companies. If you’ve been inside of a shopping center in Singapore, you have probably been inside of a CapitaLand.

Their portfolio includes shopping malls, lodging, offices, homes, real estate investment trusts (REITs), parks, and industrial sites.

While CapitaLand mainly operates in Singapore and China, they have operations in over 250 cities across 30 countries.

#NO.8 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier (meaning favored by the Government) airline to Singapore, with its headquarters being Singapore Changi Airport.

An Airport, that is continuously ranked as being the world’s busiest and best airport in the world.

Singapore Airlines Group has more than 20 subsidiaries, mainly airline-related such as Engineering companies and Scoot, their low-cost airline.

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#NO.9 CapitaLand Mall Trust

Incredibly CapitaLand managed to slip another Singapore stock on the top 10 market caps on this list!

While CapitaLand covers the developments above in malls, offices, homes, parks, etc. CapitaLand Mall Trust primarily invests in the retail estate in Singapore.

The Trust has around 15 shopping malls and ten office assets across Singapore and Germany.

#NO.10 Ascendas Reit

Ascendas Reit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CapitaLand. Ascendas Reit is Singapore’s most prominent business and industrial Real Estate trust.

Ascendas Reit’s significant investments include business spaces, logistics and distribution centers, industrial properties, and data centers.

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Singapore Stocks // FAQ’s

What is the Singapore stock exchange called?

Singapore’s stock exchange is called the Singapore Exchange and is recognizable by the letters “SGX”

How many companies are on the Singapore stock exchange?

As of February 2021, there were 703 companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Can foreigners trade stocks in Singapore?

Yes, it is pretty easy to trade Singaporean stocks with brokerage firms in your home country. Many international stockbrokers make trading with Singaporean stocks relatively easy. Each comes with pros and cons and differing brokerage fees.

At what age can you buy stocks in Singapore?

The legal age to purchase stocks in Singapore is 18.

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