Singapore Beer 🍺 Guide To The Singapore Beer Market

TOP 30 Must Try Singapore Beers

Welcome to the extensive guide to Singapore beer! This article will break down Singapore’s TOP 30 beers that you should sample this weekend. Or maybe over a number of weekends, rather than one!

What better way to experience (and judge) a place than through its beers?

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Each Singapore Beer on this list is made right here on the island!

Singapore has a (relatively) small population of 5.7 million people, though Singaporeans don’t shy away from having a few cold beers on a Friday night despite a smaller population.

Singapore is ranked 49th by beer consumed per capita with around 21 (liters per year).

Singapore’s warmer climate could make beer a preferable drink of choice over other, warmer drinks, like wine and spirits.

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If you know the history of Singapore, you will know the tiny island Singapore only dates back to 1819 and gained independence in 1965.

With that said, you won’t find any legacy beers dating back centuries, BUT you will find some exciting beers with some fascinating history.

Tiger Beer #1 Singapore Beer

Tiger Beer #1 Singapore Beer

Tiger Beer

Category: Lager – Pale

Percentage Alcohol: 5% ABV

IBU: 18

Rating: (2.94)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The oldest and (still) most popular beer in Singapore is Tiger Beer.

In 1932 Malayan Breweries Limited partnered with Dutch brewer, Heineken to produce the first Tiger Beer.

Fun Fact: there were once tigers in Singapore! The last one was shot from the pool room of the Raffles Hotel in 1902.

Today, Tiger beer is still owned by Heineken and produced in Singapore. See more reviews of Tiger beer. Other beers by Tiger:

  • Tiger Crystal
  • Tiger White
  • Tiger Black
  • Tiger Radler Lemon

Heineken #2 Singapore Beer

Heineken #2 Singapore Beer


Category: Lager – Euro Pale

Percentage Alcohol: 5% ABV


Rating: 2.94

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Heineken needs no introduction being one of the most internationally recognized beer brands in the world. 

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore is the largest brewery in Singapore and is owned by Heineken. In addition to Heineken, they produce:

  • Tiger
  • Guinness, 
  • Strongbow
  • Archipelago craft beer

Anchor Smooth #3 Singapore Beer

Anchor Smooth #3 Singapore Beer

Anchor Smooth

Category: Pilsner

Percentage Alcohol: 4% ABV


Rating: 2.59

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Heineken Asia Pacific produces anchor Smooth Beer beer.

Anchor Smooth originates from Anchor Brewing Company, an American brewery based in San Francisco, California.

The brand dates back to 1896 when two guys Ernst F. Baruth and his son-in-law, Otto Schinkel, Jr., started producing beer for the minders of the miners California Gold Rush.

Singapore Beers – The Ultimate List

So we have covered the TOP 3 beers made by commercial breweries – but what about the others? Here are all the beers in Singapore to check out:


Category: Pale Ale – New England

Percentage: 5% ABV


Rating: 3.73

Ambush is made by Trouble Brewing. Trouble Brewing is a Microbrewery with a vast 70 beers available.

Their top 3 sellers are:

  1. Sabotage
  2. Dark Arts
  3. Vietnow

Archipelago Brewery – Summer IPA

Category: IPA – American

Percentage Alcohol: 5.5% ABV


Rating: 3.49

Archipelago Brewery is a Microbrewery with an impressive amount of beers on offer.

Their highest-rated beer, according to untapped, is the Summer IPA.

See more beers by Archipelago Brewery

Black Devil Strong Beer

Category: Lager – Strong

Percentage: 12%


Rating: No Rating

Black Devil Strong Beer beer is a Client Brewer produced by Black Devil Agencies in Singapore.

Other beers made by Microbrewery include:

  • Black Devil Extra stong
  • Black Devil Premium

Brewerkz – India Pale Ale

Category: IPA – English

Percentage: 5.9% ABV


Rating: 3.43

Brewerkz is a BrewPub in Singapore. They have an impressive 120 beers on offer.

See their full range of beers:

Brewlander Love (Wild IPA)

Category: IPA – American

Percentage: 6.5% ABV


Rating: 3.75

Brewlander Love beer is a Microbrewery produced by Brewlander & Co. in Singapore. Other beers made by Brewlander include:

  • Brewlander Respect (Porter)
  • Brewlander Peace (N.E.W. Wheat)
  • Brewlander Courage (Double IPA)

Check out their full range of beers

Calamity Coffee Ale

Category: Red Ale – American Amber / Red

Percentage: 4% ABV


Rating: 3.45

Innocence Brewing produces calamity Coffee Ale.

They’re a microbrewery in Singapore with 15 beers available, some of their most popular being:

  • Insidious Black
  • Wayward Wheat
  • Insidious Ipa

Chia Khim Lee Hello Beer

Category: Lager – Euro Pale

Percentage: 5% ABV


Rating: 2.1

Chia Khim Lee Hello Beer beer is the only beer produced by Chia Khim Lee Food Industries.

Crossroads Golden Ale

Category: Golden Ale

Percentage: 5% ABV


Rating: 3.36

Crossroads Golden Ale is the flagship beer of Crossroads Brewing Company in Singapore.

Crossroads Brewing Company has 14 beers available – their top 3 are:

  • Crossroads Session IPA
  • Crossroads Best Bitter
  • Crossroads Hefeweizen

See Crossroads’ full range of beers

Dark Ages Dunkel

Category: Lager – Munich Dunkels

Percentage: 6.1% ABV


Rating: No ratings

Dark Ages Dunkel beer is produced by Civilization Brewing Co., a Commercial Brewery in Singapore. Civilization Brewing Co’s two beers are:

  • Civilization Dark Ages
  • Civilization Milk Stout

See all of Civilization Brewing’s beers

Double Luck

Category: IPA – Imperial / Double

Percentage: 7.5% ABV


Rating: 3.95

Double Luck is one of the most alcoholic and highest-rated beers on this list.

It is produced by Microbrewery, That Singapore Beer Project who has 16 beers available in total. Three top sellers are:

  • Kiam Sng Di
  • Kopi O Nanyang Stout
  • Hawkers’ Dream Ale

Equatorial IPA

Category: IPA – International

Percentage: 6.8% ABV


Rating: 3.94

Equatorial IPA is the flagship beer of Daryl’s Urban Ales brewery.

Daryl’s Urban Ales is a microbrewer with 17 beers to try.

Error 404: Style Not Found

Category: Lager – IPL (India Pale Lager)

Percentage: 4.7% ABV

IBU: 20

Rating: 3.37

Error 404: Style Not Found is a larger beer produced by Binjai Brew in Singapore.

Binjai Brew’s other beers include:

  • An Endless Summer
  • Hits all the High Notes

Forbidden Ballad

Category: IPA – International

Percentage: 6.5% ABV


Rating: 3.66

The Niang Brewery Co. produces forbidden Ballad in Singapore.

They have a total of 8 beers on offer, each with colorful designs, making them stand out on the beer shelf.

Discover all of Niang Brewery Co’s beers

Hoppy Go Lucky

Category: Pale Ale – American

Percentage: 5.1% ABV


Rating: 3.59

Hoppy Go Lucky is the flagship beer of The General Brewing Co.

They have 21 beers available. Some of the most popular sellers are:

  • Jam Packed
  • Chocolate Dinosaur
  • Lager Than Life

Hospoda Pilsner

Category: Pilsner – Czech

Percentage: 4.5% ABV


Rating: 3.35

Hospoda Pilsner is the flagship beer of the Hospoda Microbrewery.

They have 3 beers available:

  • Hospoda Pilsner
  • Hospoda Dark
  • Light Bohemian

Lean On Me

Category: Pale Ale – New England

Percentage: 5.5% ABV


Rating: 3.89

Lean On Me is produced by Microbrewery Pink Blossoms Brewing, which has a whopping 91 beers!

See their entire selection of beers

Monster Green Lager

Category: Spiced / Herbed Beer

Percentage: 5.5% ABV


Rating: 2.95

Monster Green Lager is produced by the RedDot Brewhouse who serves an impressive 73 beers!

See the full range of beers:

Off Day Beer

Category: IPA – Session / India Session Ale

Percentage: 4.8% ABV


Rating: 3.58

Off Day Beer is the flagship beer of the Off Day Beer Company.

They have 23 beers available. There most popular are:

  • Off Day Double
  • Off Day Haze
  • All Together Beer

Red Rock Premium Lager

Category: Lager – American

Percentage Alcohol: 4.8% ABV


Rating: 2.64

Red Rock is an international beer brewed in Singapore by a Micro Brewery called 6 Drunk Men.

It’s famed for being a full-strength beer with its ingredients imported from Germany and Australia.

Relax Juice

Category: IPA – Session / India Session Ale

Percentage Alcohol: 4.2% ABV


Rating: 3.74

Relax Juice is possibly the best-named beer you will ever come across.

Produced by Alive Brewing in Singapore, they make light IPA beers that are great for a hot Singapore day.

SG Classic IPA

Category: IPA – American

Percentage: 5.8% ABV


Rating: 3.48

The Specific Gravity Beverage Company manufactures SG Classic IPA.

They have 9 beers available, their most popular being:

  • SG Craft Lager
  • SG Wheat Beer
  • Mei Wen Ti (No Problem)

Straits Pale Ale

Category: Pale Ale – American

Percentage: 4.5% ABV


Rating: 3.38

The Lion Brewery Co. Lion Brewery produces Straits Pale Ale is a microbrewery with 30 beers available.

These beers are easy to find, with an iconic lion printed on every bottle.

Straits Pint Indiana Pale Ale

Category: Pale Ale – International

Percentage Alcohol: 4.6% ABV


Rating: 3.13

Straits Pint Indiana Pale Ale is just 1 of 3 beers produced by Bespoke Brewing in Singapore. The others being:

  • Straits Pint Alexander Smoked IPA
  • Straits Pint Discovery Golden Ale

Bespoke Brewing Co’s main product is home-brewed wines with DIY kits, but more recently, their beers are making quite a splash as some of the best micro-brew beers in Singapore.

Superwhite Beer

Category: Lager – Pale

Percentage: 5 ABV


Rating: 3.2

Superwhite Beer is a Vietnamese beer produced in Singapore.

It is known for its hints of lemon and orange flavors and hazy-blonde to golden color.

Thirsty Asia Singapore Golden Ale

Category: Golden Ale

Percentage: 4% ABV


Rating: 3.09

Thirsty Asia Singapore Golden Ale is the flagship beer of Thirsty Asia brewery.

They sell a total of 6 beers, with the top 3 sellers being:

  • Thirsty Asia Singapore Golden Ale
  • Thirsty Asia Tavern’s Cask English Ale
  • Hong Kong Gal Rae?

Trippin’ Wheat

Category: Wheat Beer – Witbier

Percentage: 5% ABV


Rating: 3.31

Trippin’ Wheat is made by the Rye & Pint Micro Brewery.

See all of Rye & Pint beers:

Singapore Beers // FAQ’s

How many Singapore breweries are there?

There are 43 active breweries in Singapore. They come from a mixture of Microbreweries, Commercial Breweries, and Brewpubs.

How much beer is consumed in Singapore?

There was an estimated 123.54 million liters of beer consumed in Singapore in 2020. This figure is expected to rise by 2.6% annually.

Are there beer festivals in Singapore?

Yes, BeerFest Asia is an annual beer festival around June in Singapore. They showcase beers from all corners of the globe as well as local breweries.

How many craft breweries are in Singapore?

There are 15 Microbreweries and 12 Brewpubs in Singapore creating craft beers.

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